Why the Piaggio mp3 stands out from other motorbikes

While it is quirky and different, the piaggio company has been quite successful having sold 150k bikes since the debut of the piaggio in 2006. There are many reasons that people attribute to the huge success that the bikes have seen in the market. This article takes a look at some of the things that make the piaggio MP3 bikes stay ahead in the game.

Superb comfort and stylish

These are praised for offering great comfort to the people that are riding as the seats are long and have a comfy feel. The passenger’s seat is equally comfortable as well with the same size lower back support. A comfortable seat means a comfortable fun riding. They match most styles too having been designed tastefully where there’s a sort of sophistication that attracts men and women alike.

The under seat storage

The piaggio MP3 is described as a do it all vehicle. This is because of its capacity to be versatile and fit into different situations.  Its motor is strong enough to go for miles and can still slow down to the shops. They have a 50 liters storage compartment just under the long seats installed in these bikes, thus, giving the bikers enough room for storage of their stuff. Hence, it is great if you are planning on going for long trips.

Good on the road

The extra wheel on the front of the piaggio Mp3 offers strong grip on the ground, especially for streets that are slippery. Additionally, since the front suspensions work independently from each other, it means that you will have twice the rubber touching on the tarmac making it much better than conventional scooters and ordinary motorcycles. This feature offers the extra confidence. The bikes are also known to move smoothly.

The technical details

The bike’s dashboard features a large central digital readout that’s surrounded by two clocks that are analogue. There is also a business version that features a classier look with brown details. These details are very attractive to the eyes and easy to operate as well. There is also a cable that connects your Phone to the piaggio media platform. Thus you can play music from your phone among other things.


You can stop your piaggio MP3 using the conventional rear or using the front brake levers. The brake pedals in these bikes are a combination of the front and rear brake discs that give the motorbike excellent stopping power every time. Due to the doubling of rubber and the brake disc, the front brakes then become obviously more powerful.

If you are a motorcycle commuter, the mp3 is the best choice of bike for you given that it offers a lot of safety to the riders. It is also a great choice for someone who is just making a debut into the motorcycling world. For parents hesitant of their kids using a two-wheel motorcycle, they should check the Mp3. While it tends to be pricey in some stores, the style and safety features that the mp3 is proud of more than makes up for it.

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