There are ways to comfortably watch the Superbowl game live

Yes, it is the February 5, 2017 that you have been waiting for to watch that thrilling NFL match between Carilona Panthers and the Denver Broncos. As a matter of fact, this is the 51st Super Bowl and the 47thNFL league. The NRG stadium in Houston, Texas will host the 2017 Superbowl game for the third time after the popular 1974 NFL league. Interestingly, this is the 14th time that Super Bowl is being played on February 5.

2017 Superbowl

The teams are confident of winning:

The Texas, Houston team is playing this Super Bowl in their home stadium. With their recent 9 – 7 win against AFC South, the host team is brimming with confidence to win the 2017 Superbowl.  On the other hand, Carilona Panthers had twice missed this game earlier in this stadium. Earlier Panthers had lost to New England Patriots in the NRG stadium. But, now Panthers have made it to this thrilling game. Panthers are equally confident of putting up their best to win this coveted league.

Very important sporting fixtures:

Super bowl has turned out to be one of the important fixtures of National Football League (NFL). The winners of NFL will play against the winners or champions of American Football Conference, and that would decide the league champions of the season. With so much hidden in it, the 2017 Superbowl will turn out to be one of the very important events in the history of American Football. Eventually, this will be one of the very important sporting events for every football lover of America.

Watch the event live:

This great sporting event will be telecast live by most of the TV channels. Yet, it would be most thrilling to watch the game live rather than watching it over the television. But, the NRG stadium in Houston has a capacity of about 71500 and therefore, getting your US sport tickets for the game can be a challenging task.

Distribution to tickets:

As far as distribution of tickets is concerned, as you may be aware, each of the playing teams gets 17.5% of the total tickets available. The host team gets 5% more tickets. About 1.2% of the tickets are given to each of the 29 NFL teams. The remaining tickets would be sold to public. Naturally, the Superbowl pricescan be very expensive.

Tickets would be expensive:

On the other hand, getting suitable accommodation in hotels located close to the venue of the game is yet another challenging task. In fact, the US masters accommodation would be quite expensive. Normally, during such important sporting events most of the hotels would not accept advance booking of accommodation. Check out Keith Prowse Travel

Superbowl package tour:

 However, some of the reputed travel agencies have evolved exclusive Super Bowel packages, which include air ticket, accommodation, game ticket and also food and transfers. If you are planning to witness Superbowl, then you may look for such travel agencies. The travel agencies will ensure your entire itinerary is suitably planned. In fact, some of the travel agencies even entertain you with some hospitality just before the commencement of this popular sporting event. Some of the travel agencies even take you to some of the places of tourist interest in and around the city of Houston.

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