Picking a Reliable End of Lease Cleaning Service in Sydney

One of the things that you signed at the beginning of your lease was a clause requiring you to clean the premises or even paint it at the end of the lease. This is always necessary before you get your deposit back at the end of the lease. It is therefore advisable that you hire professional cleaners to handle this task. Since you might not have the time to do this on your own, you can follow these simple guidelines to hire an outstanding end of lease cleaning company based in Sydney to handle your cleaning needs:

Make inquiries from reliable people

Ensure that you ask your family, neighbors, friends and workmates for recommendations of the best end of lease cleaning company based in Sydney that they have worked with. You can also inquire from your real estate agent because this will minimize the probabilities of getting any problem when you ask for your deposit. Ensure that you evaluate the different companies that you get to determine the one that will suit your specifications and needs.

Cost of services

Ensure that you discuss about the costs before you sign any agreement with the cleaner. A good end of lease cleaning company based in Sydney should assess your property and everything that needs to be cleaned before they give you a quote. Ensure that you specify all the services that you want done before getting a quotation from the company as this will shield you from getting a much higher price in the end.  Comparison shop before choosing the right company so as to get one that is within your budget.

Determine what the cleaning services involve

An end of tenancy cleaning involves thorough cleaning of the entire rental accommodation. Most standard packages will entail exhaustively vacuuming the entire home, mopping hard floors, dusting cornices and skirting boards, removing cobwebs, wiping the window sills, cleaning light switches and door handles and cabinetry.

It also involves cleaning the bathroom area from the showers, bathroom cabinets, the bathtub and basin, the toilet, shelving, bench tops and polishing mirrors. The kitchen area from inside and outside the cabinetry, bench tops to the appliances like dishwashers and ovens.

In some cases, the homes may require additional services so as to bring the housing unit back to its former standard. In such a case extra services are undertaken such as cleaning inside and outside of all the walls, cleaning the exhaust fans, vents, carpets, curtains and blinds and removing mold, sticky tape, blutack or any other stuff from the walls.

Hiring an End of Lease Cleaner

The moving process is generally stressful on its own. Therefore, it is important for you to book somebody who will do the cleaning for you. This can be quite a relief especially if you are a busy person or you do not have the necessary equipment and manpower to handle the process on your own.

With a reliable end of lease cleaning company based in Sydney, all you have to do is notify them about the number of rooms in the house, everything that needs to be cleaned and the specific date that you want the cleaning to be done. Furthermore, they will handle the process professionally and assist you to get your bond or deposit back.

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