10 Fail-Proof Ways to Secure Your Home from Burglars and Intruders

Installing a fence around your property’s perimeter, complete with electric gates, is an effective way to keep burglars and intruders off your home. But you can still reinforce security by other means.

In a recent report in theguardian, a former burglar said they are put off breaking into a home that has barking dogs and CCTV cameras. So you might want to include these two in your overall home security.

electric gates

What else can you do besides installing electric gates Midlands offer?

How to Reinforce Your Home’s Security

  1. Understand the mind of a burglar

If you want to deter or catch a burglar, you might want to think like one.

  • Intruders are criminals of opportunity which means they would prefer to be in and out of a home as quickly as possible. This is why one of the Ds of perimeter security is to delay an attack or intrusion.
  • Intruders are discouraged by sounds, such as those produced by barking dogs or security alarms. This makes such features a good deterrent.
  • Intruders want to stay hidden and often frequent dark areas so they’re less likely to get caught. By eliminating areas they can hide in, burglars would think twice about breaking into your property.
  1. Smash-proof windows

Apart from electric gates Northampton contractors offer, your property would also benefit from windows that are smash proof. You can install a window alarm or choose a material that is harder to break.

  1. Use motion sensors and illuminate

Your ability to detect trespassers is vital in protecting your property. This is where CCTV and motion detectors come in handy. If you combine motion sense with illumination, you eliminate dark areas at the same time.

Make sure motion sensors are installed right at the electric gates of your home.

  1. Install an alarm system

Another way to detect an intrusion in your home is through an alarm system that also makes a sound that effectively drives intruders away.

  1. Upgrade your defences

Research shows that 60% of break-ins happen through weak doors or windows so you might want to reinforce them as part of upgrading your home’s defences.

Think of it as adding a security guard to turn commercial gates Leicester offers to businesses into manned security gates. Doing so not only strengthens the gate area but also deny unauthorised entry.

  1. Reinforce entry points

As previously mentioned, doors or windows are the favourite entry points for burglars. How do you strengthen them?

  • Choose doors that are made of solid wood or steel-wrapped
  • Avoid doors that can be easily kick-in, such as those that are hollow or rickety
  • Install a protective barrier to windows near the doors
  1. Monitor weak/target areas

Are there blind spots around the perimeter of your home? What about garages and garden sheds? Make sure these areas have automatic lighting and can be seen from a camera feed.

  1. Get a dog

Nothing alerts you better to possible intrusion than a dog. Get a really big one and burglars will think twice before going past an electric gate.

  1. Eliminate hiding areas

Trim or prune shrubs that can provide intruders a hiding place. Make sure that windows, doors, and porches are visible to passers-by and neighbours.

  1. Add privacy films

Line decorative glass with a privacy film to make them less of a security issue and to distort the view from the outside.

With these security measures to go with electric gates, your property will be less vulnerable. Contact magtecelectricgates.co.uk today for a high-quality product and reliable installation.

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